Addict in the Family
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Addict In The Family

by Dr. Andrew Byrne

About The Author

Andrew Byrne is a third generation medical practitioner from Sydney. Following six years working in inner city hospitals, he commenced general practice where he first treated drug addicts in 1984. He was the first general practitioner in New South Wales approved to prescribe methadone for addiction and has treated up to 130 patients at a time for over ten years.

He studied methadone treatment facilities in New York, San Francisco, Brighton (England) and Hong Kong. His successful rehabilitation strategy is based on the medical model originally proposed by Dr Vincent P. Dole in 1965.

The general practice setting has permitted observation of long-term outcomes in patients who have completed methadone treatment. Dr Byrne presented his practice profile to the European THS-3 Conference in Cannes in 1995.

His book, Methadone in the Treatment of Narcotic Addiction, was one of the first texts written on the subject. It was well received both in Australia and overseas. Dr Byrne is also widely published on various drug and alcohol issues including the use of nicotine patches, benzodiazepine addiction as well as politically viable alternatives to the prohibition of drugs.

His other interests include Early Dynastic Egypt, the pianoforte and bel canto opera.

Recent Scientific Publications:

'Census of patients receiving methadone treatment in a general practice'. Addiction Research 1996 3:4;341 (with Dr A. Wodak).

'Ten patients prescribed high dose methadone maintenance in general practice'. Medical Journal of Australia 1996:165;239.

'Use of dextromoramide to stabilize a heroin addict'. Drug and Alcohol Review 1996; 15: 200.

'Methadone syrup causes dental decay'. Australian Dental Journal. 1996 41:1;61.

'Problem Drug Users'. Brit Journ Gen Pract. March 1996:200.

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Dr. Andrew J. Byrne received the prestigious Marie Award at the 2006 national conference of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence.
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